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October Garden Tips

FlowerFALL COLOR – This is a great month to shop for deciduous shrubs and trees. Choose         trees and shrubs while they are displaying their fall color.
Flower BULBS – Plant daffodils, crocus, lilies etc., after chilling in the refrigerator for 4-six         weeks, with some bone meal or bulb food.
Flower PERENNIALS – Divide perennials such as daylilly, agapanthus, purple conflower, and         penstemon.
FlowerVEGETABLES – Plant spinach, lettuce, arugula chard, kale, stir fry greens, seed         potatoes,carrots. Before planting add some chicken manure, compost, and an organic         fertilizer to your soil.
Flower SNAILS & SLUGS – Get a jump on the re-emergence of snails and slugs. Bait with an         Iron Phosphate product such as Sluggo. This is safe to use in vegetable gardens.         Metaldehyde products are toxic to pets and people.
FlowerFRUIT TREES – Plan ahead for January planting and order the cultivars that you want         before the hubub of the holidays begins.
FlowerWEEDS – Before or during the first rain of the season spread a corn gluten based (or         other organic) pre-emergent to prevent the germination of annual weed seeds.
FlowerWINTER COLOR – Plant now and get established: calendulas, primroses, violas,         pansies, iceland poppies in containers or in the ground.

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