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March Garden Tips

FlowerVEGETABLES – Plant lettuces from six-packs for succulent spring salads through late         May. Plant radishes, carrots, peas, and beets from seed. Avoid the temptation to plant         Tomatoes on a bright and sunny day. Wait until mid-April. Early starts do not lead to         early harvests.
Flower CAMELIAS – Rake up spent Camelia blossoms to minimize spread of Camelia petal         blight. Fertilize with organic Camelia food after bloom season.
Flower CITRUS – Fertilize every month with organic citrus food and alfalfa meal.
FlowerPLANTING – Great time to add to perennial gardens. Penstemon, Coreopsis, and         Echinacea provide good, water thrifty color.
Flower IRRIGATION SYSTEM – Do a system check and make repairs before the dry season         begins.

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