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February Garden Tips

FlowerVEGETABLES – Vegetable garden soil can become depleted quickly so take care of it.         Prepare beds for March planting by cultivating with chicken manure, compost, rock         powder, and/or organic fertilizer. If you add chicken manure wait a week or so before         planting.
Flower SNAILS & SLUGS – Get a jump on the re-emergence of snails and slugs. Bait with an         Iron Phosphate product such as Sluggo. This is safe to use in vegetable gardens.         Metaldehyde products are toxic to pets and people.
Flower BAREROOT PLANTING – Artichokes, grapes, berry canes, fruit trees and more are         available a little while longer. This is a budget-wise option.
FlowerCAMELIAS – Rake up spent Camelia blossoms to minimize spread of Camelia petal         blight. Fertilize with organic Camelia food after bloom season.
Flower CITRUS – Fertilize every month with organic citrus food and alfalfa meal. This is a         good month to add zinc sulfate and chelated iron, especially if the leaves are yellowing         in between the veins.
FlowerPESTS – If you had problems with thrips or scale last year chances are you will this year         as well. Spray with a horticultural oil to smother eggs and larval forms before they start         doing damage.
FlowerIRRIGATION SYSTEM – Do a system check and make repairs before the dry season         begins.

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