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April Garden Tips

FlowerVEGETABLES – Mid-month will be a great time to plant tomatoes. Pinch leaves off         bottom 2/3rd of plant, them plant it deeply covering up the trimmed stem of the plant.
        Plant radishes, carrots, squashes, and beets from seed.
Flower ROSES – Apply an organic rose fertilizer around the base of the plant. Watch for         aphids, and spray off with a blast of water from your hose or use a bug blaster.
Flower CITRUS – Fertilize every month with organic citrus food and alfalfa meal.
FlowerPLANTING – Great time to add to perennial gardens. Penstemon, Coreopsis, and         Echinacea provide good, water thrifty color.
Flower IRRIGATION SYSTEM – Do a system check, if you haven't done so and make repairs.
FlowerSLUGS – Bait with an Iron Phosphate product such as Sluggo. This is safe to use in         vegetable gardens. Metaldehyde products are toxic to pets and people.

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